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  1. VLA (Very Large Array), Socorro, New Mexico, USA.
    34.078967, -107.61835

  2. The Very Large Baseline Array, located west of Socorro, New Mexico.

  3. Very Large Array, radio astronomy observatory, New Mexico, USA

  4. VLA — The Very Large Array on the Plains of San Augustin, New Mexico, USA.

  5. Very Large Array Observatory (VLA), Plains of San Augustin, New Mexico, USA

  6. The Very Large Array telescope, off Route 60 between Magdalena and Datil in Sorocco County, New Mexico USA

  7. Very Large Array, west of Socorro, New Mexico, USA.

    +34° 4′ 43.50″, -107° 37′ 5.82″

  8. The Very Large Array in New Mexico, about 50 miles west of Socorro.

  9. Curses! Recused again!

    What I think would make for some really amazing Mythbuster-like footage would be if they commandeered three rocket sleds from another NM research facility, placed them at the far ends of each of the three tracks, attached a dish antenna on each sled, and THEN…

  10. Very Large Array
    12 miles east of Datil, New Mexico

    34degrees 04’45.25″ N
    107degrees 37’04.04″ W

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