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  1. Ailsa Craig off the shores of Scotland.

    That’s where they get the stone to make all of the curling bricks in the world.

  2. Ailsa Craig, off the coast of Scotland.
    Supplies blue hone granite for curling stones.

  3. Ailsa Craig, Scotland, UK

    Origine of granite for Curling stones.
    Curling is a (winter) Olympic dicipline.

  4. it is Ailsa Craig which is where most of the granite used in curling was quarried

  5. That’s Alisa Craig due west of Girvan in South Ayrshire, Scotland. Not sure what the relation to a current event is, may be that the granite is used in curling stones for the Winter Olympics.

  6. Lighthouse on Ailsa Craig, UK
    Karel, mind putting me as Andy M, USA in the rank since to further differentiate me from Andy McConnell? Plus, this way I can represent, like Milosh, Serbia!

    Glad I did not troll too much news based on your hint 😉 So the curling rocks are from here? I have to admit, those curling rocks are beautiful. I am just now getting introduced to curling during these Olympics. Looks like fun…

    For some reason, I started looking for this around the UK. Saw this, along the way. Neat! It’s an airplane and a ghost plane with a HUGE contrail: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&t=k&ll=53.415934,-10.192818&z=16

    I think that came out that way due to the optical sensor in the imaging equipment. It’s built to focus on the ground, but since the plane is so high it is defocused. There must be separate color sensors which are composited to create the imagery. This defocusing must cause this chromatic aberration.

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