Contest #112

Next one is a little harder. I zoomed out a bit to make things easier, but you should name the location which is in the centre of the picture.

6 Replies to “Contest #112”

  1. Kolmannskuppe, a ghost town in southern Namibia, with Lüderitz airport, and Lüderitz port to the left.

  2. This is the Lüderitz area in Namibia. The Kolmanskop “ghost town” is nearby, a former diamond mining village that may soon be under the sand dunes.

  3. Kolmanskop, Namibia. A ghost town located just inland from Luderitz, which can be seen in the upper left of the picture. The Luderitz airport can be seen to the northeast of Kolmanskop.

  4. Kolmanskop abandoned mining town in the Namib desert in southern Namibia. Just outside Lüderitz.

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