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Contest #110

Thanks To Max_Power for Submitting 101-110!  Who will be next?

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  1. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

  2. Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Part of Disney World, near Orlando, FL.

  3. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Buena Vista, Florida, near Disney World main park.

  4. Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, Orlando, Florida

  5. Disney’s Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida

  6. Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Florida

  7. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park
    near Orlando, Florida USA

  8. Disney Animal Kingdom, Lake Bueno Vista, FL

  9. Wow, can’t believe I nailed it from sight. But where’s Mickey!

    You can see the international “countries” from World Showcase. Don’t let the fact that they cut out the Geodesic Dome fool you, there are few parking lots that big.

    This is Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

  10. Pardon. On closer examination, it’s Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom. N 28.3 W 81.6.

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