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Contest #100 – Whaa Hooo!

Contest #100 in the countdown to 100, follow Gary at www.everything-everywhere.com

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  1. Well, everybody who follows Gary on Twitter could (and probably should) know that this is the home of the Green Bay Packers… 😉

  2. Bank of America Stadium… North Carolina, USA

  3. This one of course requires no research at all. Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin!

  4. Green Bay Wisconsin, Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers – of course!

  5. Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin. A very fitting choice for #100. Well played!

  6. Lambeau Field football stadium, Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

  7. Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin

  8. This is Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin

  9. Lambeau Field, 1265 Lombardi Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54304?

  10. Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

  11. 1265 Lombardi Avenue Green Bay, WI 54307
    (Lambeau Field)

  12. Lambeau Field, Green Bay
    Lucky first guess

  13. Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

  14. Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin, home of the Packers

    If you look at the shape of the field, it’s pretty clearly an American football field (not to be confused with soccer, which non-Americans call football). A soccer field, for instance, isn’t as long and narrow as this.

    From there, it’s pretty easy to guess that it’s in the US, and the everything-everywhere map doesn’t list too many US locations. So start with a map of the professional teams, and hope it doesn’t turn out to be a college team (of which there are more).

  15. Located in Green Bay, WI, Lambeau Field is a unique location for your wedding ceremony and reception, banquet, tradeshow, convention, conference…

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