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A few Reminders for everyone, and notes for anyone who is new to Where on Google Earth:

First, Welcome to the home of the Online Geography Game.  There are no prizes, other than bragging rights, so be sure to challenge your Family and Friends, it’s good wholesome fun.

We strongly recommend downloading the latest version of Google Earth, it is the best way to explore the world from your computer, and it is also helpful for finding and verifying your answers/guess for each contest.

Every ten contest, the Person with the most correct answers for that series will be given an opportunity to pick the images for the next series.   Former winner Milosh successfully answered all ten of the last series, So the runner up Max_Power will  be given the opportunity to choose the next series after the countdown to contest #100 series.   You can keep track of the current leader board on the right side of the page, and you can view previous winners by visiting the Past Winners Page.  A correct answer will get you on the leader board, but guesses and comments are always welcome and entertaining.

You can also download a custom KMZ file which will show the locations of all the Previous Contest, this will be updated after each contest.

A contest will be posted every 4-5 days, occasionally Hints will be offered as well, so be sure to get your answers in as quickly as you can.

Finally, a plug for Gary Arndt who is currently traveling the World, you can check out his adventure here, or follow him on twitter.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Yes, according to my information, the latest version of Google Earth (v5.0) now supports 64bit Vista.


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