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Contest #92 Answer: Mungo National Park, NSW Australia

Mungo National Park Panorama

Mungo National Park Panorama

Gary battled the flies while visiting his first desert at Mungo National Park during his trip across Australia, read more about his visit(3/27/2008) to this World Heritage site.

*Gary’s Note* Mungo is one of the most underrated attractions in Australia. As you can see in the Google Earth photo, the large brown spot in the middle is a dry lake bed. The lighter crescent shape on the west and north end is a large sand dune known as the Wall of China. Mungo is significant as it is the location of some of the oldest modern Homo Sapien fossils on Earth, dating back 40-60,000 years. To get to Mungo, travel to Mildura, Victoria and you can drive or take day trips into Mungo. It is near the three-way border of NSW, Victoria, and South Australia.

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Wall of China Sand Dune

Wall of China Sand Dune

Erosion formation at the Wall of China

Erosion formation at the Wall of China

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