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Contest #91

Contest #91 in the countdown to 100, find clues at www.everything-everywhere.com

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  1. It is Palau, with the famous Jellyfish lake



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  3. Eil Malk (Mecherchar) island, one of Rock Islands of Palau, in the Pacific. On this island is famous Jellyfish Lake.

  4. is it in vietnam? the part with all the limestone islands?

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  6. Rock Islands and Jellyfish Lake, Palau

  7. Jellyfish Lake – On the Pacific island of Palau.

  8. It’s the stromatalites formation in Australia.

  9. This is Palau.

  10. The Everglades

  11. This is Jellyfish Lake on one of the Rock Islands of Palau

  12. Halong Bay, Vietnam

  13. Korror, Palau