Countdown to Contest #100

Where On Google Earth has been running for quite a while now. I’d like to try and get more people involved in playing and guessing. The next several contests will be something a bit different. Contests 91-100 are going to have a theme: my last two years of traveling. Each of the next 10 contests will be from someplace I have been in the last two years. That is the only hint you will be given. You can figure out what that limits things to by looking at the country list on my website.

I’ll be cross promoting these contests on my travel blog as well as on Twitter. If you have a blog or a twitter account, please do what you can to help promote the site. Despite the ads, this really doesn’t make anything. I don’t think the ads have even covered the costs of hosting at this point.

Also, this is a good time to take some stock of how things are going and get some feedback from all the users for what you’d like to see and how you’d like to see the contests run. Please feel free to leave some feedback on this post.

I’d also like to thank Skip for the great job he has been doing keeping contests running over the last few months. My internet has been really hit and miss and he’s done a great job keeping things running smoothly.

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