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  1. Chernobyl-2 (Duga-3) former Soviet military installation, 10 km south of Prypiat, Ukrain

  2. Wow, this was a tough one!
    It is the Zagorizontnaja radiolokatsionnaja stantsia Doega – the over-the-horizon-radar near Chernobyl, Ukrain. A.k.a ‘the Russian Woodpecker’ as it interfered with short wave broadcasts with a ticking sound.
    Location: 51.305334,30.066237

    I started all wrong with my search, but eventually found it when googling for ‘antenna array’ as I thought the structure might be something like that.

  3. I took only 30 seconds to find this (I had looked at it before) it is marked as a PVO station near Chernobyl.

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