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  1. Oh well, even without the hint I recognized it immediately as one of the Outer Hebrides, in fact the northern part of Barra.

    The hint links to Barra Eoligarry Airport (EGPR), a.f.a.i.k. the only Beach airport in the world, situated in the Traigh Mhòr bay, at the bottom of the picture.

  2. North part of Barra island and Fuday and Fiaraidh islands, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, UK

  3. North end of the Isle of Barra, Scotland.
    Included in the photo are the Barra Aerodrome & Eoligarry.
    Home to the world’s only airfield on a beach.

  4. North end of the island of Barra, Scotland which is located at 56 59N 7 28W. The curved beach at the bottom of the picture is the airfield for the island, with runways on the sand – underwater at high tide.

    Thanks for the hint – it made the search very easy!

  5. Barra “airport” (actually it’s the traigh more bay at the bottom of the picture), island of Barra, outer Hebrides islands, Scotland.
    The “hint” was instrumental in finding the spot, btw …

  6. Barra Airport. Located on the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

  7. Do we have a Scottish theme? It is the runway on the beach on the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides. It was your hint that gave it to me.

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