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  1. It was easy to find, but I am not sure what it is called. It is near Praia Grande, Brazil, located at -24.025432,-46.510705

    Google Earth doesn’t give a clue what is special about this place.

  2. This is the intersection of two roads, halfway between
    Mongagua and Praia Grande, near Sao Vicente, Brazil.
    -24.03°, -46.51°

    Nice challenge! I thought the main road in the picture was US or Canada, but the street layout/architecture reminded me of Barcelona. Scouring southern Spain just proved to be too hilly. I looked at the Gulf Coast of the US and Mexico, zoomed out, and started looking for similar angled coastlines on South America from Argentina northward, and found the spot.

    Time spent: about 3 hours. 🙂


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