11 Replies to “Contest #73”

  1. It is the Durrat Al Bahrain resort, in Bahrein, Persian Gulf.

    Found it in a few minutes, as I started to look in the Gulf area for this one.

  2. This is the Durrat al Bahrain resort, under construction at the southern end of Bahrain.

    I found it by thinking “This is a Dubai wanna-be.” Then I just started combing the coasts nearby at 100km eye altitude. It jumped out at me in just a few minutes.


  3. This is “Durrat al Barhein”, south of the kingdom Bahrein, in the Persian Gulf. It looks like one of those artificial island with resorts and luxury houses the emirates are keen on.

  4. Complex on the SE coast of Bahrain.

    Elaborate construction on the coast in the desert usually means the middle east, so I just started scouring the coastlines there.

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