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  1. It is the ‘Bassin salicole de Guérande’ at the French Atlantic coast near ‘Le Pouliguen’, located at 47.296496,-2.4588081.

    If I am not mistaken it is a nominee as a World Heritage Site.

  2. This is an area of northwestern France, just southwest of Guerande. I think those are salt harvesting ponds, in the lowlands between Le Pouliguen and Le Croisic.

  3. Marais de Loire…town in the bottom of the frame is Le Pouliguen, Loire-Atlantique, France.
    I knew it immediately…I have flown over it many times before.

  4. North West France Guerande to the north Tregat to the south and the saltins. Loire Atlantique Region.

    Salt pans and marshes. Spot Image so not that easy.

  5. It’s the Batz-sur-Mer salt marshes just outside Batz-sur-Mer, France. This one took me a litte while. The adjacent fields really helped me to focus my searches around western Europe.

  6. “marais salants” near Guérande, Loire-Atlantique, France. Guérande is North by North-East, Le Pouliguen is the bottom right city on the pic, Le Croisic is on the left of the pic, and the white and blue area in the middle is the place where sea salt is harvested. And it’s excellent, btw.

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