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  1. Jak si? masz! This is the “government area” of Astana, capital city of Kazakhstan, formerly known as Tselinograd.

    The spectacular architecture definitely said “former Soviet Republic”, one of those places with loads of oil revenue, so it was just a matter of checking a few places. I think I’ve seen a documentary of this. No, not Borat…

  2. At first glance I thought I recognised New Delhi, but I was utterly wrong.

    So my second hunch was a capital of a former Soviet Republic and: bingo!
    It is Astana, the capital of Kazachstan. Zoomed in on the government buildings.

    Found it in about 30 mins. Again a nice one.

  3. Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan.
    It took me 10 min. I checked some new capital cities, and found it.

  4. Astana, Kazakhstan.

    Had fun with this one – northern hemisphere (shadows) and Russian-style apartment blocks helped to narrow it down.

  5. Astana, Kazakhstan. It’s amazing how many “new” master planned capitals there are on earth. It took me a few hours; finally found it through a combination of google search and wikipedia.

  6. It’s the Bayterek Monument and Presidential Palace/Plaza located in Astana, Kazakhstan. Took me a while to get this one…I’d never seen or heard of it before now. I could tell it was in a dry climate, and someplace with some established infrastructure. I looked in the Middle East for a long time… guess I got lucky when I started looking up towards Kazakhstan.

  7. Astana, Kazakhstan

    Took a while. I knew it probably had to be some nation’s capital, but I couldn’t think of who it might be. The layout looked western, but looked to be still largely under construction. That really ruled out Europe and N. America. I finally started getting serious about it and figured it had to be some new capital being built by some despot somewhere. I started with Pyongyang and eventually got to the “stans” where I finally found it.

  8. Tselinograd, or Astana, Kazakhstan.

    This one was difficult to find. Had to resort to “capital-hopping”. I was FIRMLY convinced it was a former Soviet Republic, based on the colors and architecture. It just took a while to convince myself that it wasn’t central Europe…

    Pretty obscure, nice selection of location!

  9. center of Astana, capital of Kazakhstan. On the right, the President’s residence, and in the center, the Baiterek tower.

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