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  1. Gamla Stan (=old town) of Stockholm with the Royal Palace.
    Didn’t took me long to realise where I saw it before….

  2. This is Gamla Stan – the “old city” portion of Stockholm, Sweden. This was a fun one – not immediately recognizable, but “gettable” after a few minutes of thought and browsing.

  3. Stockholm Palace in Gamla Stan, Stadsholmen island, Sweden.
    This was easy, i checked St Petersburg, then Stockholm, and found it.

  4. Gamla stan…”The Town Between the Bridges.”
    Old Town Stockholm, Sweden.
    I got it immediately…I visited there a few years ago on my “ABBA Obsession” tour.

  5. Stadsholmen “city island” in Stockholm, apparently home to the Royal Palace. To get this one right I basically flipped though old world cities looking for a small, well connected (there are numerous roads and a rail line) island with lots of weathered copper roofs.

  6. Gamla Stan – the old town part of Stockholm Sweden.

    Obviously a port. Northern hemisphere from the shadows. Shadow of church steeple in center means it’s probably around 2pm when the pic was snapped. The shadows are pretty long and it doesn’t look like winter so it’s probably farther north than most bigger cities. Green metal or copper roofs, clean layout, rail and superhighway links, so it’s a wealthy country probably European by the looks of the buildings. Larger oceangoing ships docked so it’s probably a port quite close to the ocean or a sea.

    Found it in under 15 minutes.

  7. Stockholm, Sweden: the island of Stadsholmen is the site of Gamla Stan (Old Town). The Swedish Pariament can be seen at the top of the picture.

  8. Old Town, City Centre, Stockholm.
    The square is the Royal Palace.

    The clues: deep water, old European architecture, shadows indicate higher north latitudes.


  9. Gamla Stan, Old Town Stockholm Sweden. Went there a few years ago and recognized the City layout and architecture style.

  10. It’s Stockholm, Sweden. You can tell it is in a modern city by the traffic and buildings and see the shadow of a very European-looking steeple.

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