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  1. I had to stop doing the harder ones because I simply couldn’t justify the time input anymore, but this one I knew on sight: The whistler-blackcomb ski resort in british columbia.

    I’ve wanted to ski there for at least a few years; who knows maybe this will be the season!

  2. Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
    It is obviously a ski resort, and the color does not match anywhere in the Alps, so I searched the Rockies of North America and found it.

  3. Whistler, BC, Canada
    Took about 30 seconds, since it was the first place I looked. I based it on the golf course and nearby snowy mountains.

  4. Whistler Blackcomb, BC Canada.

    This series has been so Canada-centric that, as a non-Canadian, I’m offended. 😉

    Much easier than the last one. It was obviously a ski resort town and didn’t take me long to run down the list and hit this one.

  5. This is Whistler Blackcomb ski resorts, and the town of Whistler BC, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

    new it was ski resort… my first thought was colo ski resorts… but after mulling over it for a few hours I remembered the winter Olympics to be held in Vancouver.


  6. This is Whistler, BC, Canada. The key was recognizing the very numerous ski trails and then checking some large ski resorts. I also had a vague recollection there might be a lake at Whistler.

  7. Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
    The ski trails visible are is the largest ski area in Canada, Whistler Blackcomb.

    Started looking in the Alps, but all the colors were wrong. Same with the resorts in Colorado and Utah. I started looking for the largest ski resorts in Canada, and got it right away.

  8. It’s Pan…Whistler/Blackcomb, BC, Canada. Site of the 2010 Winter Games.
    I recognized it immediately; season pass holder here. Opening Day November 27!

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