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Contest #38

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June 15th, 2008 Posted by | Uncategorized | 18 comments

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  1. It is the ‘Château de Versailles’, in Versailles, France.
    Built in 1623/1624 for Louis XIII ans extended to its present size by Louis XIV.

  2. Chateau at Versailles, France – including the Grand Canal and Grand and Petit Parcs

  3. The palace of Versailles outside Paris

  4. Versailles, France.

    Cool podcast!

  5. Palace of Versailles in France.

  6. Château de Versailles

  7. Versailles, France

  8. The Palace of Versailles, near Paris

  9. The Palace of Versailles, France. Thank goodness for a European one. I live in the UK.

  10. Versailles Palace, Versailles, France.

    (I was there 21 years ago.)

  11. This is the Palace de Verailles, Paris.

  12. This is the Palace at Versailles in France.

  13. This is the Palace of Versailles, in France.

  14. Schoenbrunn Castle in Vienna, Austria?

  15. it’s versailles. I’d recognize that pond anywhere

  16. Versailles. I would recommend visiting this amazing place to anyone.

  17. Versailles, France

  18. I’m guessing Versailles, France?

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