Contest #35 Answer

I’ve been in the Australian Outback the last several days. The landscape never changes. I might just be the most boring drive on the planet. The only thing which would be more boring would be driving over Antarctica, which is the location of Contest #34: McMurdo Station, Antarctica. (It is located at about -77,846,166,678 if you want to find it).

I’m surprised more people didn’t get it. The “dark” clue and the snow I figured would have been a give away. It is also pretty much the only thing of note on the continent.

I should also note, that with the conclusion of contest #40, as an added incentive, I’m going to let the winner of the previous set of 10 pick the images for the next set.

Getting this one right:

  • Karel
  • ACG
  • David S
  • Enrique
  • Skip from Austin

Antarctica: McMurdo Station (by elisfanclub)

Antarctica: Seattle to McMurdo (by elisfanclub)
Images by Elisfanclub

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  1. “Added incentive” that happens to result in less work for you, eh? 😉

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