Contest #31 Answer

Wow. Contest #30 was really a stumper. All-time low for correct answers. A whopping two people got this one right. The correct answer is the Lonar Crater in India. It was created abotu 55,000 years ago and is partially filled with salt water. It is the only salt water crater lake in the world and one of the only craters made in basalt. Because of this (the basalt part) some scientists think it might be the best example on Earth of the type of craters found on Mars.

Skip from Austin and Karel get gold stars this week and a letter from the teacher to put on the fridge.

Aurangabad - Lonar Impact Crater (by John R Kerr)
Image by John Kerr

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  1. I just love this game… I’m kinda pissed that I didn’t think of it myself!!! anyway, I noticed Google reader doesn’t seem to be picking up the feed anymore? do I need to resubscribe or something?


  2. You might check your RSS feed, it is not working anymore for me.
    Maybe that is why some people missed the contest?

  3. For some reason this contest never came through my RSS feed. I just doublechecked and it’s still not there. Maybe that accounts for the low turnout?

  4. I just cleared the old feed and resubscribed… still only up to #30 appears in Google… I’ve had this happen before, and it seems to be an issue on Google or feedburner end?

    Just have to stay on top of it for now! 🙂

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