Contest #22 Answer

I couldn’t resist this one. It has been in the news lately, but I didn’t know it was so far along as to appear on Google Earth. It is “The World”, a manmade archipelago off the coast of Dubai. You can own your own part of the world for only a few million dollars. Personally, I’d invade my neighbors and try to reconstruct ancient empires. Or, I’d get my neighbors to play enormous games of Risk.

Getting this one right, a record number of people:

  • Wedny
  • Matt Manolides
  • ACG
  • Andy McAllister
  • Kal…the Ameristani
  • Ben Bayer
  • Brian T
  • Kevin Lew
  • Karel
  • Roland
  • Ron Schott
  • Stephen Hope
  • Martha
  • Deion