Contest #11 Answer

The answer to contest #11 is the Dead Sea. In particular, just south of the Dead Sea proper between Israel and Jordan. The objects with regular shapes are salt evaporation ponds. The Dead Sea is now so salty, than the salts which precipitate contain heavy metals now, which are usually so dilute in regular sea water it is almost impossible to harvest.

Winners of Contest #11 are:

  • Ben Bayer
  • Stepher Hope
  • Andy McAllister
  • Spathiinc
  • Roland

Note: be as specific as possible when giving an answer. Because an answer might be technically true (Earth or Asia), doesn’t mean it will be counted as correct if other places could also fit under your answer.

Dead Sea, salty shore (by CharlesFred)
image by

Salt off the coast of the dead sea (by Michele & Meyer Potashman)