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  1. I’m obviously a geography nerd. I know this one too but I’ll just give a hint for others: The tourists here are a really *captivated* by the local sights.

  2. Yeah, I know this one as well. The border fence on the left side shows up really well, doesn’t it?

    There is some interesting patchwork of photos showing here as well – including a thin vertical strip that is on top of a larger strip.

    The other interesting thing is – turn on 1st level Admin borders (States/Provinces, not international) and see how it doesn’t conform to the fence. The shape is right, but the location is larger. I wonder if this is just mapping errors or if the fenced area is actually that much smaller than the treaty area? (I doubt it, but…)

  3. I believe they left a “no man’s land” on purpose – distance is probably about the range of a 50 caliber turret. Good hints! Not sure if I’d gotten that one otherwise. The airport looked to be a “medium” size, so I went here and loaded all medium airports in the world into GEarth:
    Note: this is 3,916 airports!

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