7 Replies to “Contest #5”

  1. I know this one, but I’m not going to say. It’s a bit easy for me, as I spent 5 years living just off the picture to the north.

  2. This is Mt Egmont on the North island of New Zealand. That was known without the hint above Gary.

  3. Yep – Mt Egmont/Taranaki, Taranaki province.

    An interesting thing about this picture is I have a paper map that looks almost identical – it used light green for the countryside (farms) and dark green for the national park. The park’s shape is quite distinctive.

    This mountain kills more people than pretty much any other in NZ. It’s not that it is so bad, but it is too easy to get to. You can drive about 1/3 the way up in 20 minutes from the beach, so people go unprepared in shorts & t-shirt, a storm whips in from the other side, suddenly you can’t see ten feet, it’s cold and wet, and people die from hypothermia or falls.

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