Elimination Week #1

This is week #1 of the Elimination Game. Constructive feedback is appreciated. You must identify the location clearly – if not, you might get an email from us asking for clarification or you may not.

There will not be a hint offered. We will try to increase the difficulty of the images as we move through the weeks. Andrew and Paul’s decisions are final.


Comment as usual before next Thursday at 0001 UTC to continue on. If we do not see a correct response, you are eliminated.

18 Replies to “Elimination Week #1”

  1. The slightly-inaccurately-placed 4 corners monument (marked center is really in New Mexico, and the real center is in the area that’s supposed to be Utah).

  2. Four Corners Monument, on meeting point Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, USA

  3. Four Corners Monument:
    Interface of Utah / Colorado / Arizona / New Mexcico
    36°59’56.70″ N 109°02’42.80″ W

  4. Four Corners Monument, where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet – 36.99993954842584, -109.04509405424969

  5. Four Corners Monument, the quadripoint in the Southwestern US where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet.
    36°59′56.325″N 109°2′42.67″W

  6. Four Corners Monument, Utah/Arizona/Colorado/New Mexico, USA
    36d 59′ 56″ N 109d 02′ 42″ W

  7. Four Corners Monument, New Mexico state border, USA

    36°59’55.7″N 109°02’42.1″W
    36.998796, -109.045032

  8. Four Corners Monument, Colorado – New Mexico – Utah – Arizona, USA

  9. Four Corners Monument, where U.S. state boundaries of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet. Latitude: +36.9927 Longitude: -109.0404.

  10. I still don’t understand this “new” game?!…

    This is some classic place, the Four Corners Monument (Arizona/Colorado/New Mexico/Utah) @ 36.9990829,-109.0452229

    When I visited it 30 years ago, there was just some thing on the floor, not that whole monument!

  11. Four Corners Monument, United States
    36°59’56.36″N, 109° 2’42.67″W

  12. 4 Corners Monument, meeting point of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah, USA

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