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  1. NASA Armstrong Building 703
    (The current Google Earth image is a bit different in color)

  2. NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center’s (AFRC) Building 703 located in Palmdale, California, USA.

  3. Airforce Plant 42, Palmdale, CA
    34°36’41.21″ N 118°04’22.26″ W
    NASA Armstrong Building 703 and Kinkisharyo Train Factory

  4. United States Air Force Plant 42 is an aircraft manufacturing plant in the Antelope Valley, about 100 km from Los Angeles. It is also used by NASA.


  5. NASA Armstrong Building 703
    Palmdale Airport, California, USA

    34°36’39.1″N 118°04’36.4″W
    34.610865, -118.076774

  6. NASA Armstrong Building 703
    in the southeast area of the Palmdale, California Regional Airport

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