Contest #565 Hint

With last week’s contest, we have a bit of a mini-series going here.

You can rent a pitchfork and some period clothes here to recreate the scene.

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  1. I thought it was but got distracted before I could post it.

    It’s the Dibble House, as parodied at the beginning of “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. It might have also had some sort of a painting done near it.

    40°55’17.0″N 92°12’49.0″W

  2. American Gothic House N 40° 55.283 W 092° 12.829
    Iowa is one of the few states in the US I have not visited. If we would’ve been in the regio of Eldon, we surely would’ve visited this house. In October 2016 we passed through Oklahoma. When going from Arkansas to Texas, we stopped by Harris Mill (N 34° 03.244 W 094° 29.518) and in Broken Bow I believe.

  3. American Gothic House, Eldon, Iowa

    The location of the painting with the same name!

  4. This was a tuff one!
    It’s the American Gothic House (Center), aka as the Dibble House, Eldon, Iowa.
    The hint is referring to the painting “American Gothic” by Grant Wood.

  5. American Gothic’ House, Eldon, Iowa
    40°55’16.96″ N 92°12’49.04″ W

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