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Contest #524 Hint

This one is pretty hard, so we are giving 3 hints:

1) Not the tallest, but has a much higher focal height.
2) We had to cut the copyright statement off of the image — it read “Image ©2017 SRES DRIGOT”
3) And yes, it continues the theme.

November 8th, 2017 Posted by | Hint | 7 comments

7 Responses to “Contest #524 Hint”

  1. Ponta do Pargo lighthouse, madeira

  2. Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse, Madiera

  3. Ponta do Pargo and farol.
    Madeira Island, Portugal

  4. Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse. Madeira Island, Portugal. The image was hard but the clues made it very easy.

  5. Team effort: Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse – Erected at Ponta da Vigia, 290 metres above sea level, the Ponta do Pargo lighthouse was first lit on 5th June, 1922.

  6. Ponta do Pargo lighthouse On the Portuguese island of Madeira
    32.8139° N, 17.2631° W

    The Ponta do Pargo lighthouse was built in 1922 and stands on a cliff, 300 metres above sea level, at Ponta da Vigia, the westernmost point on Madeira Island.

  7. Thanks for the hint : the copyright is enough to notice that this is in Madeira (google SRES DRIGOT, and see which sites crop up). It’s not such a big island, and there is one obvious lighthouse on a West facing coast :

    Ponta do Pargo lighthouse @32.8130726,-17.2637798