Contest #524 Hint

This one is pretty hard, so we are giving 3 hints:

1) Not the tallest, but has a much higher focal height.
2) We had to cut the copyright statement off of the image — it read “Image ©2017 SRES DRIGOT”
3) And yes, it continues the theme.

7 Replies to “Contest #524 Hint”

  1. Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse. Madeira Island, Portugal. The image was hard but the clues made it very easy.

  2. Team effort: Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse – Erected at Ponta da Vigia, 290 metres above sea level, the Ponta do Pargo lighthouse was first lit on 5th June, 1922.

  3. Thanks for the hint : the copyright is enough to notice that this is in Madeira (google SRES DRIGOT, and see which sites crop up). It’s not such a big island, and there is one obvious lighthouse on a West facing coast :

    Ponta do Pargo lighthouse @32.8130726,-17.2637798

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