# 478 Ile aux Oiseaux, on the Ratier shoal, Seine estuary between Honfleur and Le Havre

There had been some, ahh, complaints about easy WOGE quizzes, so we decided to increase the difficulty scale a bit. We’ve known about this thing for a few years, but were mystified as to what it might be. Clearly man made, but too small to be a fort, and not identified on any map we could find. Fortunately we have at least one WOGE player in France, and he kindly identified the 2005 bird sanctuary for us. Our source does admit there is not a lot of English language material to be had, so you will have to make use of the Google translation option to get the full story.

Last edit before posting. Very few got it, and only a few of those actually figured out what it is. Well done!

Aerial view:

An explanation that the non-Francophones will have to translate

Another good translatable article

Pictures of the place are very hard to come by, and the ones we found are in those two linked articles. So here’s a picture of a happy puffin at another French bird sanctuary:

Found before the hint:

  • Lighthouse
  • hhgygy
  • Phil Ower
  • Garfield
  • JF

Nobody figured out it was for the birds.