Contest #467: Boston Light, Little Brewster Island, Massachusetts

The first lighthouse built in what is now the USA. The original went up in 1716, the present one is a relative newbie, having been built in 1783. Although automated since 1998 it is still staffed by the United States Coast Guard- who act mainly as tour guides.

Here, in fact, is a commentary from the current lighthouse keeper: 

As it was in 1839:

1906, from the files of the Library of Congress:

Sometime between 1930 and 1945:

A more current view:

And, doing what lighthouses do:


Those who saw the light and avoided the shore included:

  • Lighthouse
  • hhgygy
  • Paul Voestermans
  • Garfield
  • Phil Ower
  • Eloy Cano

With the hint:

  • Lelie
  • Glenmorren
  • Declan Moore
  • Robin