Contest #461 Biblioteka Kombëtare e Kosovës, or National Library of Kosovo, Pristina.

What is now a national library started in 1944 as the library for a province of Yugoslavia. The area’s history is long and bloody, and did not improve greatly after 1944. The people of Kosovo see themselves as a separate nation. Serbia still sees them as a semi-autonomous province of Serbia.

The present building opened in 1982. Designed by Croatian architect Andrija Mutnjakovic, the design has not been without controversy. As you might imagine. For the record there are 99 domes.

This is what one of the domes looks like from the inside:

The domes are not the only thing that might be regarded as peculiar, entirely covered in a metal fishing net.

Inside it doesn’t look much different from other large libraries:

Although not everything has been computerized yet:

The library is not a huge collection. All formats considered it holds around 1,890,194 items. Considering the context, not bad, and it is certainly serving as a focal point for the culture of its country.

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