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Contest #461

August 12th, 2016 Posted by | Uncategorized | 15 comments

15 Responses to “Contest #461”

  1. A classic puzzle: the national library of Kosovo in Prishtina.

  2. National Library of Kosovo, Pristina

  3. National Library, Prishtina, Kosovo

  4. Kosovo National Library, Pristina, Kosovo. Congrats to my co-players Lighthouse and Garfield for winning the last round.

  5. The National Library in Pristina, Kosovo


  6. Biblioteka Kombëtare dhe Universitare e Kosovës.
    Pristina National Library, Kosovo

  7. It is the National Library of Kosovo, Pristina, Kosovo

  8. National Library of Kosovo, Pristina, Kosovo.
    42.6571198, 21.1632368

  9. National Library of Kosovo, Pristina, Kosovo

  10. National Library of Kosovo Pjeter Bogdani, Prishtina.

  11. you kind of stole “my” subject ! 🙂


    National Library of Kosovo (1944), Pristina, Kosovo

    Architect : Andrija Mutnjaković

    Coordinates : 42.657460, 21.162308

  12. National Library in Prishtina, Kosovo

  13. Kombëtare y Kosovës Library in Pristina, Kosovo

  14. The National Library of Kosovo, in Priština (Kosovo)

  15. National Library in Kosovo

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