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  1. South bank of the Danube River at Belgrade, Serbia, just to the east of the Pancevo bridge.

  2. Pancevo Bridge, technically the area next to the railway bridge over the Sava, a river passing Belgrade. The bridge was exploded after Franz Ferdinand of Austria was shot in Sarajevo. The explosion was the first in World War I.

  3. Correction, the river is not the Sava but the Danube. I’m asking myself if the location of that first gunshot is right.

  4. Let me specify the exact location:
    44°49’26.22″N 20°29’36.25″E
    because I don’t think this was the location for that first gun that fired.
    We are just looking at some industry next to the Pancevo Bridge which is not the bridge that was exploded at the beginning of the first World War according to my information.

  5. 44°49’29.29″N 20°29’35.36″E
    A construction site at the shores of Danube River next to Pancevo Bridge in Belgrade, Serbia

  6. Well it was a hard one and even after the hint I have no clue as to what exactly happened here. Anyway, it is right at the southern foot of Pančevo Bridge of Belgrade, Serbia.

  7. A bit more specific: a sand/gravel transshipment on the river bank of the Danube next to the Pancevo Bridge, Belgrade…

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