Contest #437 hint

Approximately 850 miles ENE by E (approximately) of the possible location of Fort Zinderneuf. Even Beau Geste wouldn’t want to serve there.

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  1. Ounianga Kebir and Lake Yoa, of the Lakes of Ouinanga world heritage site, Chad.
    19.056360° 20.495773°
    (I should have known it would be a UNESCO world heritage site.) Fort Lagriom is the center of the photo, but it barely rates a mention in any description of the area. Good hint, by the way.

  2. The shore of Lake Yoa at 19.055991, 20.495989, in the area of the Lakes of Ounianga, a Unesco World Heritage site known for its unique hydrography in Chad.

  3. Wouldn’t have found this without the hint.

    Fort Lagriom at the border of Lake Yoan in Chad.

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