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Contest #414


September 18th, 2015 Posted by | Uncategorized | 19 comments

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  1. Mouth of the Araguari river, Brazil.

    Longitude -50.102635545
    Latitude: 1.2448644511

  2. Araguari river, Amapa, Brazil
    1°15′N 49°55′W

  3. Mouth of the Araguari River, Amapá, Brazil

  4. Bom amigo (good friend), Araguari river mouth, Brasil

  5. The Araguari river, Brazil. For those that like surfing the pororoca, and aren’t afraid of piranha or giant snakes.
    1.237521° -49.976424°

  6. 1°14’25.17″N 49°53’49.69″W
    Rio Gurijuba

  7. Araguari River (Amapá) Brazil. It became famous among surfers when some decided to ride its constant tidal bore, characterizing waves that can last for several minutes.
    1°13’21.85″N 49°59’21.14″W

  8. Rio Araguari estuary, Brazil.

  9. Mouth of the Amazon River, Brazil


  10. correction of 1st entry:
    1°14’25.17″N 49°53’49.69″W
    Rio Gurijuba – it seems to be Rio Araguari

  11. 1°14’8.68″N

    Aguari river, Brasil

  12. Mouth of Rio Araguari. Near Bom Amigo, Brazil

  13. Mouth of Amazon river, exactly at 1°14’19.93″N 49°55’6.56″W

  14. Mouth of the Araguari River, Amapa Brazil.

  15. mouth of the Araguari River, Amapá, Brazil

  16. Rio Araguari, Amazon Delta, Brasil

    1.216722, -50.015098

  17. Rio Araguari, Brazil

  18. Pororoca Wave Araguari River, Amapá, Brazil

  19. Mouth of the Rio Araguari in Northern Brazil

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