New weekly contest – on Thursdays

One of the suggestions we received as part of the request for locations for the 801-820 series was a “Survivor”-type series. We are going to try it out and see if we can make it work. Note: this series will be optional, and in addition to the Friday contest images with Tuesday hints that everyone can search the world for.

Each Thursday at 0001 UTC, we will post a new image. If you find it within the week, you remain in the competition. If not, you are eliminated – we will publish an updated list of players still in the hunt with the Thursday post. We will play until only one person finds the location – if two or more are in the last round, but nobody is successful, there is no winner. There will be no hints offered – locations will get more difficult as the week pass.

Thursday, April 20th will be the first round. You have to play from the start in order to continue on – no joining part way through the series.