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  1. Loch Mullardoch and Loch a’Bhana, southwest from Glen Cannich, Highlands from Scotland
    Mullardoch Power Station
    Chisholm Stone Memorial
    57°20’16.37″ N 4°57’05.51″ W

  2. The Mullardoch Dam construction required 286,000 cu ft of concrete to impound no less than 7.5 million cu ft of water. Scotland, UK.


  3. Mullardoch dam, Scotland, UK.
    Coordinates 57.338215°, -4.954620°.

  4. Mullardoch dam, Affric-Beauly hydro-electric power scheme, Scotland
    57°20’16.33″N 4°57’14.52″W

  5. Mullardoch dam, Loch Mullardoch, Beauly, Scotland, UK
    57°20’14.8″N 4°57’15.4″W
    57.337430, -4.954265

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