Contest #500 Hints

Hints, as received from players:

1. From Jeather:
A North American version

2. From Robin:
Seems appropriate

3. From Phil Ower:
Would have been a good place to watch Lawrence Of Arabia

4. From krenek:
This work of art is located near (less than 10 km) the capital city of a country of approximately 40’000 km2.

5. From ashwini agrawal:
An ancient

6. From Gillian B:
Every night,
As the sun goes down,
Lots of feet
Come paddling around.

7. From rob de wolff:
Looks different from winter 1520

8. From Glenmorren
From Stalingrad, take Line 7

9. From Lighthouse:
The image shows a mental activity during sleep of a green jumping insect and a special way of locomotion.

10. From RicardPG:
It has more than a thousand years, but less than a century from its relocation.

11. From donaaronio:
Don’t let the name fool you. You won’t find this place in Mexico.

12. From Garfield:
It is NOT the one in Scotland

13. From hhgygy:
This UNESCO WHC site did ok from the 12th century until 1905, had a hard time from then until 1991, and is slowly being revitalized now.