Current contest #489

It seems like we made contest 489 a little easy with the lat/ lon coordinates left on the image.

We’ve removed the original post and put up a revised one to give everyone a good contest. Paul, Charley and I will convene and decide how to award points.

Contest #488: Divine Mercy Shrine, El Salvador, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Built in 2008, this Catholic monument consists of a 50 foot statue of Jesus. At his feet is a “healing chapel”. Radiating from his chest is a staircase, where the faithful can ascend and enter a “Chamber of Adoration” and another structure leading to the visitor’s center. The overall image is designed to mimic the iconic image of the “Divine Mercy” Christ.

Faustina's Christ of Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy Christ - 1.JPG

Those who climbed the steps without help included:

And those who needed a little help: