Contest #111

OK, to get things going again, we’ll start the next series with an easy one.

I will be aiming for weekly updates on a fixed day, which will be on Friday, the next few months. This will give you a predictable time frame for your searches and gives me a good opportunity to incorporate it in my weekly duties.

Contest #110 Answer: Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Florida

Covering more than 500 acres, this massive theme park, Animal Kingdom,  is designed completely around the conservation of animals.  It is home to over 1700 animals from 250 species, and at the center of the park is the “Tree of Life” which has a 3-D cinema underneath.   One of the new attractions is the Expedition Everest roller coaster – Whahoooo!

Those answering with a Thrill:

  • Cris Cusack
  • Karel
  • Dennis S.
  • David S.
  • Ivar Bonsaken
  • Milosh, Serbia
  • BroderUlf
  • Sarah G.
  • Munden
photo: Benjamin D. Esham
photo: Benjamin D. Esham