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Contest #78

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Contest #77 Answer:Praia Grande, Brazil

South of São Paulo, Brazil is the “Big Beach” – literally Praia Grande.  The highway that bisects this Beach community is Brazil 101 also known as Rod Padre Manoel da Nóbrega. I suppose this would be one of the places locals from São Paulo go to escape the big city, there are hundreds of condos and apartments along the beach.  The area is also known for it’s surfing, and kite flying.  You can find some great pictures at http://www.caminandosinrumbo.com/brasil/praia/indexe.htm

Great Job to everyone who Correctly Identified this spot:

  • Karel
  • Ewen
  • Max_power
  • Willem
  • Michael T
  • Keith
  • Andy McConnell

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