Contest #20

This is the last contest for this series. We’ll start the leaderboard over from scratch with contest #21.

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Contest #19 Answer

I was surprised that so many people go this one. This is the isle of Elba off Italy where Napoleon was first exiled. (Perhaps I should have picked St. Helena??) Elba is famous, but small and most people don’t see an image of the island when it comes up in discussion. When Napoleon was exiled, he was given the title “Emperor of Elba”. I’m sure he appreciated that…

Getting it right this week:

  • Karel
  • Dr. Benjamin J. Bayer, PhD
  • Wendy
  • ACG
  • Nate D.
  • Spathiinc
  • Stephen Hope
  • Ron Schott

Elba HDR
Image by Scott Ingram Photography

Image by Kalamita